OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: France 2014

image of OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: France 2014

This report compares the performance of the French innnovation systems with that of other countries and presents the conclusions of interviews with 30 key actors in the French research and innovation system.  During the past ten years, this system has undergone profound changes, and the report highlights the governments plan to dynamise and reform the system.

English Also available in: French


France's economic performance and innovation

This chapter presents France’s performance in terms of growth, competitiveness and innovation. It examines the factors of the shortfall in the country’s balance of trade and growth slowdown, and especially its declining price competitiveness. It reviews the structural conditions for economic activity – in other words, the labour market and the market for goods and services – as well as taxation and public deficits. The second part of the chapter focuses on France’s performance in the realm of innovation, as measured by expenditure on research and development, patents and the share of new products in total sales, and as reflected in France’s attractiveness for international investments in innovation. It compares France with its main partners, particularly Germany.

English Also available in: French

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