OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Croatia 2013

image of OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Croatia 2013

This OECD Review of Innovation Policy in Croatia offers a comprehensive assessment of the innovation system of Croatia, focusing on the role of government. It suggests that EU integration opens a window of opportunity for strengthening Croatia's science, technology and innovation systems, and recommends that Croatia improve governance, rebalance the innovation mix and do more to foster business innovation.




Overall assessment and recommendations

In the aftermath of independence, Croatia underwent a period of reconstruction and institutional transformation. It has made much progress since, moving successfully to a market-based economy that has become closely integrated into the European and global economy through international trade and cross-border flows of investment and knowledge. Over an extended period, Croatia’s solid economic growth resulted in partial convergence to the average European level of income. While it still has considerable room for improvement, Croatia’s accession to the European Union can be seen as the culmination of a reform effort aimed, among other things, at facilitating investment, strengthening competition and reducing bureaucracy, and implementing the acquis communautaire.

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