OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Costa Rica 2017

image of OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Costa Rica 2017

Costa Rica’s successful economic performance and social achievements realised over the last three decades are widely acknowledged. GDP per capita has steadily increased at higher rates than in most Latin American countries as the economy has evolved along its development path from a rural and agriculture-based to a more diversified economy integrated in global value chains. But Costa Rica faces challenges and must enhance and broaden the basis for productivity growth by strengthening its innovation system and enhancing the role of science, technology and innovation in addressing its national development goals.



Innovation performance in Costa Rica

This chapter reviews Costa Rica’s aggregate innovation performance relative to OECD countries and Latin American countries with comparable or advanced levels of innovation system development, similar size and geographical proximity. The chapter starts by examining the availability of human capital and skills for science, technology and innovation. It then highlights R& expenditure trends across institutional sectors (business, higher education and government) and technology transfer and diffusion patterns. The chapter then reviews indicators of innovation output (including bibliometric, high-tech exports, trademarks) to highlight qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Costa Rica’s innovation system.


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