OECD Communications Outlook 2009

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The OECD Communications Outlook 2009 presents the most recent comparable data on the performance of the communication sector in OECD countries and on their policy frameworks. The data provided in this report map the eight years of competition for many OECD countries that fully opened their market to competition in 1998. The 2009 edition analyses the communications sector over the years following the "dot com bubble" crisis and explores future developments. The OECD Communications Outlook provides an extensive range of indicators for the development of different communications networks and compares performance indicators such as revenue, investment, employment and prices for service throughout the OECD area. These indicators are essential for industry and for regulators who use benchmarking to evaluate policy performance. This book is based on the data from the OECD Telecommunications Database 2009, which provides time series of telecommunications and economic indicators, such as network dimension, revenues, investment and employment for OECD countries from 1980 to 2007. For more information on trends in information technology, globalisation and the impact on the way people live and work, refer to the OECD Information Technology Outlook, published every other year.

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Telecommunication Market Size

Telecommunications is a USD 1.2 trillion market in the OECD. Telecommunication markets have expanded at a fairly constant annual growth rate of 6% since 1990, even during economic downturns. Voice remains the largest revenue source for operators despite declines in calling prices for both fixed and mobile. Mobile revenues accounted for 41% of all telecommunication revenues in the OECD in 2007, up from 22% just a decade earlier. Ten countries now have mobile sectors which are larger than the fixed sector in revenue terms.

English Also available in: French

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