Nordic Public Sector Cloud Computing – a discussion paper

image of Nordic Public Sector Cloud Computing – a discussion paper

Cloud computing is widely recognised as a mean for bringing cost savings and better utilisation of resources to the IT departments and their limited budgets. Cloud computing, where IT is delivered as an on-demand pay-per-use service, is rapidly evolving from a hype to a serious alternative to traditional IT procurement. This development is vastly driven by big international players. If the Nordic region is to influence and gain from this development it is essential that the Nordic governments act now. This report sets the scene for a common understanding of the notion of cloud computing across the Nordic region. The report offers a list of recommendations for key action points where cooperation across the Nordic region will be beneficial in order to establish the Nordic region as a driving force for cloud computing in the public sector.



Executive summary

The public sector is facing a future with scarce resources and increasing pressure on budgets. Economic and demographic challenges place a demand on the public sector to be more efficient and innovative. Put plainly, the public sector will have to deliver more with less, without compromising the quality of services in the years to come. New demands are emerging from a population with increasing access to broadband and mobile devices, as well as traditional demands are diminishing. Some public services no longer live up to the requirements. The demands on the public sector are reflected in the national IT strategies of the respective countries, which – among other things – focus on user centric, cost efficient IT in the public sector.


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