Nanotechnology and Tyres

Greening Industry and Transport

image of Nanotechnology and Tyres

New nanomaterials offer promising avenues for future innovation, which can contribute towards the sustainability and resource efficiency of the tyre industry. Yet uncertainty over environmental health and safety (EHS) risks appears to be a main and continuous concern for the development of new nanomaterials in tyre production, even for those closest to market. Lack of sector-specific guidance represents a major gap.




Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders were engaged as part of this study via an online survey and interviews. To ensure broad coverage, the survey was sent to a list of stakeholders in industry, academia and government. It contained questions on the relative importance of different factors affecting innovation, commercialisation and knowledge sharing with respect to nanotechnology in tyre production. All questions were based on a 5-point Likehert scale, ranging from 1 (the factor is considered to be not important at all) to 5 (the factor is considered very important). The survey was followed up with interviews with selected participants to seek further input.


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