Measuring the Digital Transformation

A Roadmap for the Future

image of Measuring the Digital Transformation

Measuring the Digital Transformation: A Roadmap for the Future provides new insights into the state of the digital transformation by mapping indicators across a range of areas – from education and innovation, to trade and economic and social outcomes – against current digital policy issues, as presented in Going Digital: Shaping Policies, Improving Lives. In so doing, it identifies gaps in the current measurement framework, assesses progress made towards filling these gaps and sets-out a forward-looking measurement roadmap. The goal is to expand the evidence base, as a means to lay the ground for more robust policies for growth and well-being in the digital era.



Roadmap: Measuring digital trade

Digital technologies have made it easier to engage in trade, co-ordinate global value chains (GVCs), and diffuse ideas, thereby changing how firms organise international trade, what they sell and to whom. This has led to more numerous and complex international trade transactions involving combinations of goods, services and data crossing different borders. Today, international trade needs to be quicker and more reliable than ever before to meet growing demand for just-in-time delivery and “on demand” access to goods and services.


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