Measuring Knowledge Management in the Business Sector

First Steps

image of Measuring Knowledge Management in the Business Sector

Knowledge management involves any activity related to the capture, use and sharing of knowledge by an organisation. Evidence shows that these practices are being used more and more frequently and that their impact on innovation and other aspects of corporate performance is far from negligible. Today, there is a recognition of the need to understand and to measure the activity of knowledge management so that organisations can be more efficient and governments can develop policies to promote these benefits. This book offers a synthetic view of the results of the first systematic international survey on knowledge management carried out by national statistical offices in Canada, Denmark, France and Germany.

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Knowledge Management: Size Matters

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

In 2001, for selected industries, Statistics Canada conducted a pilot survey of the use of 23 knowledge management practices. The survey demonstrated that firms could respond to questions about use of knowledge management practices, the reasons for their use, and the results of their use. Size of firm was an important factor in the adoption of knowledge management practices, and the type of practices adopted. This paper presents these findings and suggests direction for future work.


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