Innovation Policies for Inclusive Growth

image of Innovation Policies for Inclusive Growth

This report looks at a variety of inclusive innovation initiatives and innovative products aimed at improving the welfare of lower-income and excluded groups, notably in terms of essential public services (education, infrastructure and health). It discusses the policy trade-offs between traditional innovation policies and a more inclusive innovation approach, and provides recommendations for aligning current policies. It also deals with the impacts of innovation and innovation policies on industrial and territorial inclusiveness, describing how information and communication technology (ICT) and technology diffusion may influence smaller firms’ chances of succeeding with their innovations.



Inclusive innovations in education

This chapter provides an overview of inclusive innovations in education, with findings from the OECD Centre for Education Research and Innovation (CERI) survey on the topic. It characterises different types of inclusive innovations in education. It describes the rationales and challenges facing them and discusses examples of successful scaling. Strong not-for-profit funding in this sector, combined with important contributions by local organisations, makes reaching financial sustainability and scale less important in this area than in others.


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