Innovation in the Software Sector

image of Innovation in the Software Sector

This book throws a spotlight on innovation across the software universe, setting out key issues and highlighting policy perspectives. It spans research and development, invention, production, distribution and use of software in the market. It also covers core innovation themes from a user perspective -- including security and privacy, mobility, interoperability, accessibility and reliability.


Issues for Policy Makers and Industry to Consider

Software is often poorly captured in economic statistics because of at least three main reasons. First software is evolving rapidly to take on new forms (e.g. software as a service). Second, it is a non-physical good and a part of it is created and exchanged outside the monetary environment. Last, there are lots of cross-border innovation activities and exchanges with software products. In order to develop policies that support software innovation appropriately, it is necessary to better understand several critical aspects of the innovation process. More emphasis on improving of measurement and data collection can help strengthen the understanding of policy development for software.


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