Innovation in the Software Sector

image of Innovation in the Software Sector

This book throws a spotlight on innovation across the software universe, setting out key issues and highlighting policy perspectives. It spans research and development, invention, production, distribution and use of software in the market. It also covers core innovation themes from a user perspective -- including security and privacy, mobility, interoperability, accessibility and reliability.



Annex B

Beyond the Traditional Software Sector: The Role of Businesses as Software Developers and Users

While much of the buzz about software in the popular press is focused on consumers, businesses beyond the traditional software sector are playing a very significant role as both users and developers of software. Firms across the economy are deploying large amounts of software to power their operations and products. As discussed in Chapters 1 and 2, the amount of software in many types of products is increasing rapidly. For example, the number of lines of source code in a mobile phone is expected to increase from 2 million today to 20 million by 2010; by that time, a car may contain 100 million lines of code (Charette, 2005; Ito, 2007). The growth of software involves far more than a technical evolution. It will have consequences for companies, industries and national economies.


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