Innovation in Firms

A Microeconomic Perspective

image of Innovation in Firms

Innovation has become a key factor for economic growth, but how does the process take place at the level of individual firms? This book presents the main results of the OECD Innovation Microdata Project -- the first large-scale effort to exploit firm-level data from innovation surveys across 20 countries in an internationally harmonised way, with a view to addressing common analytical questions. Through the use of common indicators and econometric modeling, this analytical report presents a broad overview of how firms innovate in different countries, highlights some of the limitations of current innovation surveys, and identifies directions for future research.

English Also available in: Spanish

ANNEX A - Methodology

This section includes methodological notes and metadata concerning the innovation surveys and the definitions used in this project. In particular, it was decided to use CIS 4 as the “benchmark” in terms of sectoral coverage and firm size classes in order to ensure a reasonable degree of cross-country comparability. Known deviations are noted in the country notes section.


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