Innovation in Energy Technology

Comparing National Innovation Systems at the Sectoral Level

image of Innovation in Energy Technology

This report reviews efforts under way in a number of OECD countries to advance innovation in energy technology, with a particular focus on hydrogen fuel cells. It compares energy innovation systems in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, the United Kingdom and United States to identify the roles of government, industry, universities and other public research organisations in the innovation process. It also examines the policies governments are implementing to finance needed research and development and to stimulate market demand for innovative energy technologies.



Korea: Fuel Cells and Photovoltaics

With the rapid growth of the Korean economy, the nation’s energy consumption has increased significantly. Most of the nation’s energy needs continue to be supplied by foreign sources. To remedy this situation and to reduce the environmental impact of increased energy use, the Korean government has long supported the development of new and renewable energy technologies that promise to generate economic value along with energy savings in the near term. Central among these technologies have been fuel cells and photovoltaics. Fuel cells, in particular, were selected by the government in 2005 as one of the key enabling technologies for driving future growth of the Korean economy. This chapter reviews Korean efforts to promote innovation in fuel cells and photovoltaics, describing the main factors motivating innovation in these fields, the main elements of the innovation system for pursuing them, government policies to stimulate innovation in fuel cells and photovoltaics, and the outcome of these efforts to date.


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