Innovation and Knowledge-Intensive Service Activities

image of Innovation and Knowledge-Intensive Service Activities

From research and development to legal and marketing services, a wide range of knowledge-intensive service activities (KISAs) enables firms and public sector organisations to better innovate. This publication examines the contribution of knowledge-intensive services to the acquisition and growth of innovation capabilities in firms and public sector organisations. It focuses on KISAs in four industy sectors: software, health care, tourism and leisure, and resource-based industries such as mining technology services, aquaculture and forestry. The analysis derives from a series of surveys and case studies undertaken in nine OECD countries: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway and Spain.

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The Role of KISA in the Software Industry

The information and communications technology (ICT) industry has been an important driver of economic growth in recent decades. The growth has been due partly to improved productivity and the emergence of new subsectors within the industry, which is an important producer in its own right, and partly to the contribution that ICT makes to productivity in other industries, indeed in all facets of the economy (OECD, 2004; Pilat et al., 2002).


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