Information Technology Outlook 2004

image of Information Technology Outlook 2004

This volume describes recent market dynamics and gives a detailed overview of the globalisation of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. It analyses the development and impacts of electronic business processes and describes trends in industries supplying IT goods and services. This volume also looks at how differences in access to ICTs have been supplanted by differences in use, looking especially at digital delivery via broadband for peer-to-peer file exchange, business services and healthcare. Further, ICT skills across all sectors of the economy are analysed to provide insights into the dynamics of job creation and outsourcing.

The potential of selected technological developments is examined, covering nanotechnology, grid computing, radio frequency identification, WiFi and anti-spam technologies. Finally, this volume provides an overview of how IT policies in OECD countries have evolved in the last few years.

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Globalisation of the ICT Sector and International Sourcing of ICT-enabled Services

In OECD countries, computers and the Internet are now widely diffused among firms. However, despite good access to computers and high levels of business connectivity, including broadband, there is relatively little implementation of ICT-enabled integrated business processes or adoption of more sophisticated online activities (e.g. taking orders on line, integration with suppliers). The challenge is to increase effective use internally and...

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