Indicateurs bibliométriques et analyse des systèmes de recherche

Méthodes et exemples

This report – linked to the technical documents of the OECD manuals for the measurement of R&D activities (“Frascati family”) – presents the essential elements of bibliometrics and its application to the analysis of research systems. Bibliometrics is based on the enumeration and statistical analysis of scientific output in the form of articles, publications, citations, patents and other more complex indicators. It is an important tool in evaluating research activities, laboratories and scientists as well as the scientific specialisations and performances of countries. The report, having set the background to the development of bibliometrics, presents the databases on which bibiometrics are elaborated as well as the principal indicators used. Twenty-five exemples are presented at the end of the document, illustrating the various uses of bibliometrics methods for analysing research systems. These indicators measure scientific output by counting the number of publications, the impacts ...

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