ICT value added

ICT value added is the difference between the Information and Communication Technology sector gross output and intermediate consumption. The aggregate of information industries here includes ISIC rev. 4 Division 26 (Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products) and Section J (Information and communication), which in turn consists of Divisions 58-60 (Publishing and broadcasting industries), 61 (Telecommunications) and 62-63 (Computer programming, and Information service activities). Hence information industries here encompass ICT industries (Divisions 26, 61 and 62-63, plus group 58.2, software publishing), with the exception of Trade and repair activities, as well as Media and content industries (included in Divisions 58-60 and in the Group 63.9). This indicator is measured in percentage of value added.

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Keywords: internet, value-added, communication, technology, output, telecommunication, ICT, information, e-commerce, GDP