ICT and Economic Growth

Evidence from OECD countries, industries and firms

image of ICT and Economic Growth

This report examines the impacts of ICT on business performance and the policies that can help seize its benefits. It argues that ICT remains an important technology for the years ahead, as ICT networks have now spread throughout the economy. What counts now is how the technology should be made to work.


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The Diffusion of ICT in OECD Economies

This chapter examines the diffusion of ICT across OECD countries. It uses official statistics, which may differ substantially from previously published private estimates of ICT diffusion. It shows that ICT networks continue to diffuse throughout the OECD area, even during a period of slower growth. However, large differences in the uptake of technologies persist across the OECD, both between and within OECD countries. Cost differentials and structural differences are among the factors explaining these differences, as is the state of the business environment in different OECD countries...

English Also available in: French

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