ICT and Economic Growth

Evidence from OECD countries, industries and firms

image of ICT and Economic Growth

This report examines the impacts of ICT on business performance and the policies that can help seize its benefits. It argues that ICT remains an important technology for the years ahead, as ICT networks have now spread throughout the economy. What counts now is how the technology should be made to work.


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The Contribution of ICT to Growth

This chapter provides evidence on the impact of ICT at the macroeconomic and sectoral level. It shows that ICT investment has contributed to growth and labour productivity in all OECD countries for which data are available, but more in the United States than in any other OECD country. Moreover, rapid technological progress in the ICTproducing industry has contributed to rapid productivity growth in some OECD countries, notably the United States, Finland, Ireland, Korea and Sweden. In a few countries, notably the United States and Australia, there is also evidence that sectors that have invested much in ICT, for example wholesale and retail trade, have experienced more rapid productivity growth. These impacts of ICT on productivity have not disappeared with the recent slowdown; part of the acceleration in aggregate productivity growth in certain OECD countries, notably the United States, is structural and could continue in the years to come...

English Also available in: French

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