Governance of Public Research

Toward Better Practices

image of Governance of Public Research

This report deals with public sector research. It provides a comprehensive review of the challenges that call for changes in the governance of OECD countries’ science systems. It highlights emerging policy responses developed in these countries indicating better practices to deal with the challenges, and draws policy lessons that can inspire the reform process. Supporting chapters provide detailed descriptions and analyses of the structures of science systems, the procedures for priority setting, the changes to funding, and the management of human resources in R&D.

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Priority Setting

Issues and Recent Trends

This chapter describes priority setting as a strategic process to increase the return on public investments in research. It shows that governments use various institutional mechanisms for this: national science and technology plans, (de)centralised advisory bodies, foresight processes and public consultation. It further describes how priorities are reflected in research funding decisions, and how recent reforms reflect the changing balance between topdown and bottom-up approaches....

English Also available in: French

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