Going Digital to Advance Data Governance for Growth and Well-being

image of Going Digital to Advance Data Governance for Growth and Well-being

Data are generated wherever digital technologies are deployed namely, in almost every part of modern life. Using these data can empower individuals, drive innovation, enable new digital products and improve policy making and public service delivery. But as data become more widely used across sectors and applications, the potential for misuse and harm also grows. To advance data governance for growth and well-being, this report advocates a holistic and coherent approach to data governance, domestically and across borders. It examines how data have emerged as a strategic asset, with the ability to transform lives and confer economic advantage. It explains how the unique characteristics of data can pose complex trade-offs and challenge policies that pre-date the data-driven era. This report provides new insights, evidence and analysis and outlines considerations for better data governance policies in the digital age.


Data as a strategic asset: The fundamental shift in their use, misuse and appreciation

Data have emerged as a strategic asset that can transform lives and markets and confer economic and market power. This chapter outlines why data and their role as a source of value and potential competitive advantage have emerged as a priority for individuals, organisations and nations. At the same time, it highlights risks associated with data collection and use. Noting that the stakes of data use and misuse have increased, this chapter discusses the emergence of data-related policies in various policy domains and contexts.


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