Enhancing Access to and Sharing of Data

Reconciling Risks and Benefits for Data Re-use across Societies

image of Enhancing Access to and Sharing of Data

This report examines the opportunities of enhancing access to and sharing of data (EASD) in the context of the growing importance of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. It discusses how EASD can maximise the social and economic value of data re-use and how the related risks and challenges can be addressed. It highlights the trade-offs, complementarities and possible unintended consequences of policy action – and inaction. It also provides examples of EASD approaches and policy initiatives in OECD countries and partner economies.



Risks and challenges of data access and sharing

This chapter describes the major challenges facing policy makers when enhancing access to and sharing of data. These include balancing its benefits and risks, strengthening users’ trust and making it easier for them to share and re-use data, and creating data market incentives and sustainable business models.


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