Digital Skills for Private Sector Competitiveness in Uzbekistan

image of Digital Skills for Private Sector Competitiveness in Uzbekistan

Since 2019, digital transformation has been a clear policy priority in Uzbekistan. While the country has made significant progress in terms of Internet access, quality and affordability, digital uptake among firms remains low. This lack of digital skills seems to be a limiting factor affecting the digital transformation of business.

Based on recent OECD work on digitalisation, this report examines what is holding back the digital upskilling of businesses in Uzbekistan. It suggests three sets of policy actions: (1) developing a supportive institutional framework for the digital uptake of firms; (2) raising firms’ awareness of the importance of acquiring digital and complementary skills; and (3) expanding existing support to digitalise while addressing the gender digital divide.

English Also available in: Russian

Executive summary

This OECD peer review seeks to support the government in fostering the private sector’s digital transformation, with a specific focus on the provision of digital skills. Three overarching dimensions of digital upskilling are examined within the report: the institutional framework; firms’ awareness of digitalisation and required competences; and digital upskilling support for firms.

English Also available in: Russian

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