OECD Policy Briefs

OECD Briefs are concise, informative and easy-to-understand texts that summarise OECD views, analyses and recommendations on subjects of global public concern. They are aimed at a policymaking/shaping audience who are not necessarily technical experts on key policy topics.


Did COVID-19 accelerate the green transition?

An international assessment of fiscal spending measures to support low-carbon technologies

Stimulus packages adopted following the COVID-19 pandemic – such as the US Inflation Reduction Act and NextGenerationEU - have been presented as an opportunity to “build back better” and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy while re-igniting the economy. But this revival of industrial policy has also raised concerns about the potential for a global green subsidy war. OECD analysed funding measures worth USD 1.3 trillion announced around the world in 2020-21 to support development and diffusion of low-carbon technologies. These measures can trigger substantial greenhouse gas emissions reductions while boosting the growth of the clean tech sector in all regions and reducing dependence over fossil fuel imports. This policy brief summarises key findings from our analysis and offers additional recommendations to policymakers.


Keywords: Emissions, CO2, COVID-19
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