Research and Development Statistics: Business enterprise R-D expenditure by industry and by source of funds - ISIC Rev 3 (Edition 2015)

This table comprises business enterprise statistics on R-D expenditure by industry and by source of funds where the research and development (R&D) expenditure statistics performed in the business enterprise sector by industry according to the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) revision 3.1. and by source of funds (business enterprise, government, other national funds, and funds from abroad). Data are presented from 1987 onwards. This breakdown between industries is, in principle, made at the enterprise level, although some countries are able to break down R&D data for multi product enterprises between their main lines of business. R&D expenditure by industry are covering the manufacturing, agriculture, construction,and other sectors.


Keywords: industry, statistics, agriculture sector, R&D, enterprise level, business expenditure, national funds, government funds, source of funds, research and development, investments, RD, ISIC