Business Innovation Policies

Selected Country Comparisons

image of Business Innovation Policies

This study is concerned with trends in and key features of policies and programmes used by governments to support innovation in the business sector. In addition to identifying good practices across a range of programme types, it compares business innovation policies across several countries, with a particular focus on Canada.



Non R&D-based public support for business innovation

This chapter reviews other forms of government support for business innovation. Non R&D-based innovation support is of growing importance. In recent years, government support has shifted towards measures to ease the creation and development of early ventures through seed investment, venture capital and commercialisation programmes. Non R&D-based support for innovation has also sought to facilitate the creation and diffusion of knowledge to firms through initiatives to promote networks of different sorts, including regional innovation hubs (centres of excellences) and a range of programmes aimed at assisting firms’ access to information and expertise.


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