Disability at a Glance 2015

Strengthening Employment Prospects for Persons with Disabilities in Asia and the Pacific

image of Disability at a Glance 2015
This publication focuses on barriers to the employment of persons with disabilities in the Asia-Pacific region and offers solutions to strengthen their employment prospects. It offers a regional overview of disability legislation, policies and practices, as well as relevant country-specific information with a particular emphasis on the employment of persons with disabilities. The publication discusses key employment trends shaping the experiences of persons with disabilities. It considers the major barriers that persons with disabilities face as they seek to find decent work. It explores a number of strategies used by governments and in the private sector to promote greater access to employment for persons with disabilities. Finally, it lays out a series of action points governments should consider to remove barriers.



Employment of persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific

The task of comparing employment rates of persons with disabilities against those without disabilities is complicated and restricted by the limited availability of employment data that is disaggregated by disability. Moreover, discrepancies between disability-specific data that does exist and internationally-recognized employment data put the reliability of certain analysis into question. Ultimately this serves to reinforce the core message of the previous Disability at a Glance publication — namely that disability disaggregation should be incorporated into mainstream data collection processes, and that international standards of disability classification should be followed.


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