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About OECD iLibrary subscriptions

  • A subscription includes online access for an unlimited number of concurrent users at a single location. Multi-site pricing is available upon request.
  • Online access includes the current issue as well as the back catalogue of all editions available online in any language.
  • Perpetual access to subscribed content is included, even after a subscription expires.
  • Unless otherwise stated, subscriptions start on the first day of any month and are valid for 12 months.
  • All subscriptions are governed by the terms and conditions posted online.

For any assistance and to discuss further please contact the OECD iLibrary sales team.

Please see the full 2024 price list of all offered subscriptions.

OECD iLibrary Package Subscriptions

  • OECD iLibrary (Full Package) 
    Unlimited access to all OECD content on OECD iLibrary including the IEA publications
    Discover the content included in this subscription

  • IEA Statistics (No longer offered for 2024)
    The statistical databases of the International Energy Agency (IEA) are available separately due to the highly focused nature of the content. This package includes online access to all statistical databases from the IEA available on OECD iLibrary as well as all IEA publications.
    Discover the content included in this subscription

Thematic Subscriptions

A subscription to an OECD iLibrary theme includes online access to all content published on the subject. This includes books, journals and periodicals as well as statistical databases and tables.

Statistical Package Subscriptions (no longer offered for 2024)

A subscription to an OECD Statistical Package offers access to the database collection and includes the corresponding statistical periodical, with ready-made tables in three formats – PDF, XLS and WEB/HTML. By including access to all available versions and formats, the statistical packages simplify data discovery and consumption, and enrich the user experience. Each package also provides access to the data archives, enabling a complete dataset in CSV format to be downloaded in a single click, and preserved or integrated into the analytical software of choice.

OECD Journals and Periodicals

Online subscriptions include access to the current issue as well as the back catalogue available on OECD iLibrary. OECD statistical annuals are enhanced with their content offered in ready-made tables and in a range of formats: PDF, XLS and WEB/HTML. Every publication is divided into chapters and tables, all individually indexed and referenced by country or variable.

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