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About OECD iLibrary

OECD iLibrary contains thousands of e-books, chapters, tables and graphs, papers, articles, multi-lingual summaries, indicators and databases - discoverable by 17 theme, country or catalogue type.

More information available from the About page.

Subscription Benefits

An OECD iLibrary subscription gives unrestricted access to content, with tools and features on the platform that facilitate discovery and workflow integration:

  • A single subscription provides access to all OECD iLibrary content, or to all content within a theme
  • Usage reporting in standardised COUNTER 4 and 5 format; directly from the site or via SUSHI harvesting
  • Perpetual access including deep archive solutions
  • Cataloguing  made easy with the offered MARC and KBART II records 
  • On-campus and remote access via IP recognition, shared username/password, Federated access via Shibboleth, or EZ Proxy
  • Add your institutional branding to inform your users that OECD iLibrary is a trusted resource at their disposal
  • All content is indexed with leading discovery services EDS, Primo, Summon and WDS
  • See the full Feature list! (PDF) - Also available in Spanish (PDF), Portuguese (PDF), and Japanese (PDF).

How to log in as account administrator:

  • If recognized via IP authentication click the sign in option at the top right of the page, below your institutional name
  • if not recognized, click Log in at the top right of the page
  • then enter your special administrator username and password in the dialog box.

How to access the administrator options:

  • First, log in as administrator as outlined above
  • then click the settings wheel to the left of My Profile at the top right of the page
    Click settings wheel to the left of My Profile to access the administrator menu

Administrator Menu Options:

  • Change password of administrator login
  • Update institutional profile details
  • Manage institutional branding options
  • Manage institutional IP addresses
  • Manage username and password of shareable institution login
  • Manage Shibboleth identity (Federated Access)
  • View Online Access licenses
  • Download MARC records
  • Download multimedia usage reports (podcasts)
  • Download COUNTER 4 usage reports
  • Download COUNTER 5 usage reports
  • Sign up for librarian newsletter


Cataloguing tools:

MARC records - Feature Notes (pdf)

March 2023 DOI Listing for Products, Serials and Books (zip)

KBART Phase 2 Metadata for OECD Titles - 2023-03-13 (zip)

KBART Phase 2 Metadata for OECD Titles - 2023-03-13 - All content in a single TXT file with date stamp (txt)

Discovery Services instructions:

EBSCO Discovery Services for OECD iLibrary (pdf)

WorldCat Discovery Services for OECD iLibrary (pdf)

Summon Discovery Services for OECD iLibrary (pdf)

Primo Central Discovery Services for OECD iLibrary (pdf)

Access Set up via proxy server:

Instructions for EZ-Proxy use for OECD iLibrary - Updated January 2022 (pdf) 

Video Tutorials assisting users:

Discover OECD iLibrary via YouTube

How reports and data are produced by the OECD? via YouTube 

How to get the best search results when searching on the site? via YouTube

How to work with statistical databases on OECD iLibrary? via YouTube

How to create and benefit from a personal registration on OECD iLibrary? via YouTube

What is the Research Assistant? via YouTube

Information Kit

The Information kit presents a collection of all available resources to best support the use of OECD iLibrary within your institution. It includes ready-made promotional material as well as source material. Please take advantage of the supplied information in this Kit to create your own LibGuide.
Information Kit as PDF file or Information Kit as PowerPoint file. Also available in Japanese (PDF).

Monthly Newsletter:

Sign up to the OECD iLibrary newsletter designed specifically for Librarians and Catalogue Managers

Your Sales and Support team

We encourage you to contact one of our sales agents around the world or the nearest OECD sales contact if you have any questions.

See the Sales and Support team or contact us via the site.

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