Uranium 2009

Resources, Production and Demand

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With several countries currently building nuclear power plants and planning the construction of more to meet long-term increases in electricity demand, uranium resources, production and demand remain topics of notable interest. In response to the projected growth in demand for uranium and declining inventories, the uranium industry – the first critical link in the fuel supply chain for nuclear reactors – is boosting production and developing plans for further increases in the near future. Strong market conditions will, however, be necessary to trigger the investments required to meet projected demand.

The “Red Book”, jointly prepared by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency, is a recognised world reference on uranium. It is based on information compiled in 40 countries, including those that are major producers and consumers of uranium. This 23rd edition provides a comprehensive review of world uranium supply and demand as of 1 January 2009, as well as data on global uranium exploration, resources, production and reactor-related requirements. It provides substantive new information from major uranium production centres around the world, as well as from countries developing production centres for the first time. Projections of nuclear generating capacity and reactor-related uranium requirements through 2035 are also featured, along with an analysis of long-term uranium supply and demand issues.

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Nuclear Energy Agency

more than 56 000 metres have been drilled to test the potential of favourable portions of the paleochannel structure. The results included the localisation and partial evaluation of specific mineralised bodies containing resources of several thousand tonnes. These results allowed completion of the prefeasibility study for this U-Mo deposit. The National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) has developed a programme to complete the feasibility study of the Cerro Solo deposit including the exploration and evaluation of the surrounding areas. This last programme is going to be carried out in 2007 with 4 or 5 drills holes surrounding the sector C and 3 000 meters in the B sector.


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