The Safety of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle - Third Edition

image of The Safety of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle - Third Edition

The procurement and preparation of fuel for nuclear power reactors, followed by its recovery, processing and management subsequent to reactor discharge, are frequently referred to as the nuclear fuel cycle. The facilities associated with these activities have an extensive and well-documented safety record accumulated over the past 50 years by technical experts and safety authorities. This third edition of The Safety of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle presents an up-to-date analysis of the safety aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle.

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Safety of Fuel Reprocessing

Nuclear Energy Agency

Spent fuel from NPP has been reprocessed on an industrial scale for about 40 years, by separating the recyclable fissile material from the unusable fission products contained with them. The separation technique generally adopted is liquid-liquid extraction, using nitric acid for the aqueous phase and tributyl phosphate (TBP) for the solvent of the organic phase, following the PUREX process.

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