Nuclear Production of Hydrogen

Fourth Information Exchange Meeting, Oakbrook, Illinois, USA , 14-16 April 2009

image of Nuclear Production of Hydrogen

Hydrogen has the potential to play an important role as a sustainable and environmentally acceptable energy carrier in the 21st century. This report describes the scientific and technical challenges associated with the production of hydrogen using heat and/or electricity from nuclear power plants, with special emphasis on recent developments in high-temperature electrolysis and the use of different chemical thermodynamic processes. Economics and market analysis as well as safety aspects of the nuclear production of hydrogen are also discussed.


Changing the world with hydrogen and nuclear

From past successes to shaping the future

Nuclear Energy Agency

I wish first to thank the organisers of this meeting who took the risk of inviting me to deliver this speech. I hope you have appetite for hydrogen and nuclear as by chance this is the subject of my talk. I took a great pleasure in reviewing the past history of hydrogen and nuclear energy, while considering how they had been important forever, how they have been used to change the world when they were discovered and understood, and how they will likely shape our future to face specific challenges of the 21st century. I hope I can make you share this interest and pleasure.


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