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At a time when government R&D funding for nuclear energy has been dramatically reduced and profit margins of electricity generators have been squeezed, this report presents the result of an international survey on recent initiatives in the area of nuclear education and training.  It dicusses key human resource issues and good practice for international collaboration, which are seen as ameliorating the decline of technical innovation and competence in the nuclear sector.  The report includes an executive summary along with conclusions and recommendations aimed at policy makers and other stakeholders.  It also contains in-depth analysis of the factual information collected.

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Executive Summary

Nuclear Energy Agency

The life cycle of the nuclear industry is no different to that of any other industry, indeed to most forms of human activity: birth, growth, maturity, decline, rebirth and renewal or death. The nineteenth century industries such as railways, chemical manufacture, steel production have experienced the full cycle whilst newer industries such as space, aviation and nuclear are only part way through. Economic...

English Also available in: French

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