Natural Tracer Profiles Across Argillaceous Formations

The CLAYTRAC Project

image of Natural Tracer Profiles Across Argillaceous Formations

This technical report describes the results of the Nuclear Energy Agency's CLAYTRAC project, in which natural tracer data from nine sites was evaluated to assess potential impacts of disposal of radiological waste in geological repositories. It shows scientific information from numerous sites and applies robust analytical methods to improve the understanding of radionuclide migration and evolution of sites for deep geological disposal. These results improve the understanding of sites, and thus the confidence in safety, for geological disposal of radioactive waste.



Appendix A5

Documentation of the Numeric Code Flotran

Nuclear Energy Agency

The simulations presented in this report were carried out with the computer code FLOTRAN, written by Peter Lichtner (Lichtner 2004). FLOTRAN can simulate time-dependent, coupled thermalhydrologic- chemical processes in variably saturated, non-isothermal porous media in up to three spatial dimensions. FLOTRAN calculates multi-component reactive transport involving aqueous, mineral or gaseous species. It can also be used for systems involving two-phase flow, that is systems containing a liquid and a gaseous phase, such as in the unsaturated zone above the water table, and for systems consisting of fractured porous media. Both Cartesian and cylindrical model geometries can be used.


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