Nuclear Law Bulletin

Nuclear Energy Agency

Published twice a year, the Nuclear Law Bulletin covers legislative developments in almost 60 countries around the world as well as reporting on relevant jurisprudence and administrative decisions, bilateral and international agreements and regulatory activities of international organisations.

Each issue typically includes the following sections: Articles, Case Law, National Legislative and Regulatory Activities, International Regulatory Activities, Agreements, News Briefs, and a Supplement.

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National Legislative and Regulatory Activities

Nuclear Energy Agency


Criminal Court decision respecting attempted export of nuclear-related dual use items to Iran: Her Majesty the Queen vs Yadegari (2010)


Supreme Administrative Court on the legal status of ÈEZ (2010)

National Legislative and Regulatory Activities BULGARIA Amendment to the Act on the Safe Use of Nuclear Energy (2010)


Law on the new organisation of the electricity market (2010)


Amendment to the Atomic Energy Act extending the operating lifetime of nuclear power plants (2010)

Amendment to the Reliability Assessment Ordinance (2010)

Amendment to the Ordinance on Persons Responsible for Nuclear Safety and on Reportable Events (2010)

Amendment to the Environmental Impact Assessment Act (2010)


Decree transposing European Council Directive 2006/117/Euratom (2010)


Civil Nuclear Liability Act (2010)


Amendment to Article 35 of Law 111/1996 regarding new tasks of CNCAN (2010)

Order approving norms regarding the radiological monitoring or recyclable metal materials (2010)


Establishment of the Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (2009)


Rules on operational safety of radiation and nuclear facilities (2009)

Rules on radiation and nuclear safety factors (2009) Act on Liability for Nuclear Damage (2010)


Abolishment of the Act on phasing out of nuclear energy (2010)

Act on Liability and Compensation for Nuclear Damage (2010)


Final rule on the independent storage of spent nuclear fuel (2010)

Status of the high-level waste repository programme (2010)

Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act (2010)

Final rule on the export and import of nuclear equipment and material (2010)

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