Nuclear Law Bulletin

Nuclear Energy Agency

Published twice a year, the Nuclear Law Bulletin covers legislative developments in almost 60 countries around the world as well as reporting on relevant jurisprudence and administrative decisions, bilateral and international agreements and regulatory activities of international organisations.

Each issue typically includes the following sections: Articles, Case Law, National Legislative and Regulatory Activities, International Regulatory Activities, Agreements, News Briefs, and a Supplement.

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National Legislative and Regulatory Activities

Nuclear Energy Agency


Resolution of the National Council on Energy Policy on the Resumption of Construction of a Thermonuclear Plant (2007) 


Decree on Technical Enquiries in the Event of Incidents or Accidents Relating to Nuclear Activities (2007)

Order on the Organisation of the General Directorate of Enterprises (GDE) within the Ministry of Industry (2007) 

Decree on the Listing of Basic Nuclear Installations (2007) 

Decree on Basic Nuclear Installations and Verifying the Nuclear Safety of Radioactive Materials Transport (2007) 


Decree Implementing the Council Directive 2003/122/Euratom on the Control of High-activity Sealed Radioactive Sources and Orphan Sources (2007) 

Amendment to the Environmental Law Decree (2007)


Amendment to the Law on Final Disposal of High-level Radioactive Waste (2007)


Law on the Nuclear Power Plant (2007)


Grand-ducal Regulations on the Protection of the Public Against the Risks Resulting from Ionising Radiation (2006) 

Law on Approving the Agreement Between Luxembourg and Belgium Relating to Information Exchange in the Event of an Incident or Accident (2006) 

People’s Republic of China

Regulations on the Management and Monitoring of Nuclear Safety Equipment for Civilian Use (2007) 

Official Reply of the State Council to Questions on the Liabilities of Compensation for Damages Resulting from Nuclear Accidents (2007) 


Government Decision on the Monitoring of the Health of Personnel (2007) 

Order on Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials During Transport (2007) 

Order on Preventive Protection of Nuclear Installations (2007)

Order on the Verification of the Physical Protection System of Nuclear Installations (2007)

Ordinance on the Safe Management of Radioactive Waste (2007)

Government Decision Regarding Financial Resources Necessary for the Safe Management of Radioactive Waste (2007)

Amendment of the Law on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage (2007)

Russian Federation

Reform of the Russian Nuclear Power Industry (2007)

Slovak Republic

Atomic Act Amendment on Alternative Financing of the Nuclear Regulatory Body (2007)


Decree on the Control of Radioactive Contamination in the Shipment of Scrap Metal (2007)


Amendment to the Nuclear Energy Act (2007)


Decision on the Merger of Regulatory Authorities (2007)


Law Concerning the Construction and Operation of Nuclear Power Plants and the Sale of Energy Generated from Those Plants (2007)

United States

Final Rule Amending Regulations Applicable to the Licensing of New Nuclear Power Plants (2007)

Final Rule Implementing a National Source Tracking System (2006)

Final Rule on Design Basis Threat (2007)

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