Evolution of the System of Radiological Protection

Third Asian Regional Conference - Tokyo, Japan, 5-6 July 2006

image of Evolution of the System of Radiological Protection

The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) has actively participated in discussions with the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) regarding the development of new recommendations that will replace those in ICRP Publication 60, which has long served as the international standard in this field. Part of this development process has involved the organisation of seven international workshops, including the First and Second Asian Regional Conferences on the Evolution of the System of Radiological Protection which took place in Tokyo, Japan in October 2002 and July 2004. The Third Asian Regional Conference was held on 5-6 July 2006, also in Tokyo. These proceedings summarise the results and key discussions of the Third Asian Regional Conference.



Views from regulatory authorities on the draft ICRP recommendations

Nuclear Energy Agency

Regulatory views from Japan, South Korea, Australia, China and Indonesia were explained based on their regional context. Some issues, for example “optimisation”, “dose constrains”, “natural radioactivity”, were addressed from the viewpoint of how each country’s current regulation system would adopt these new recommendations. It was noted that there would be a need for some flexibility in applying these new recommendations since different countries have different regulatory criteria and benchmarks as well different decision-making processes. It was also noted that definitions and terminologies should be given serious consideration with regard to non-English speaking countries to assure that the new ICRP recommendations are clearly understood, not misinterpreted, easily translated and finally applied in the field of radiation protection. In addition, some recent radiation protection activities, as well as views on utilisation of nuclear power in several countries were presented.


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