Engineered Barrier Systems (EBS) in the Safety Case

Design Confirmation and Demonstration - Workshop Proceedings, Tokyo, Japan, 12-15 September 2006

Nuclear Energy Agency

These proceedings present the main findings from, and the papers delivered at, the fourth NEA-EC workshop on Engineered Barrier Systems (EBS), which took place in Tokyo, Japan, in September 2006. This final workshop of the series focused on strategies and methods to demonstrate that EBS designs will fulfill he relevant requirements for long-term safety, engineering feasibility and quality assurance. The workshop highlighted that large-scale experiments have confirmed the feasibility of techniques for manufacturing and installing engineered components in disposal systems and have also provided valuable lessons to improve designs and refine practical aspects to construct and implement EBS.

14 Nov 2007 149 pages English 9789264040885 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD and Nuclear Energy Agency