Debris Impact on Emergency Coolant Recirculation

Workshop Proceedings, Albuquerque NM, USA, 25-27 February 2004

image of Debris Impact on Emergency Coolant Recirculation

This conference proceedings examines the most recent research and developments related to the impact of debris on emergency coolant recirculation.  Held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in February 2004, this proceedings had sessions on safety assessment and regulatory requirements, experimental work, analytical work, and industry solutions.  The proceedings present the papers presented as well as a summary of discussions that took place.





Results of the Latest Large-scale Realistic Experiments Investigating the Post-LOCA Behaviour of Mineral Wool Debris in PWRs

Nuclear Energy Agency

Several series of experiments investigating the post-LOCA behaviour of fragmented insulant material (mineral wool) were carried out and evaluated in the period between 2001 and 2003. The experiments concentrated on: Fragmentation of mineral wool under as realistic conditions as possible; this was performed by exposing stainless steel-clad mineral wool panels as used in German nuclear power plants to a jet of saturated water (DN 200, approx. 290°C, approx. 110 bar). ...


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