Dealing with Interests, Values and Knowledge in Managing Risk

Workshop Proceedings, Brussels, Belgium 18-21 November 2003

image of Dealing with Interests, Values and Knowledge in Managing Risk

These workshop proceedings deal with the local partnership methodology employed in Belgium in order to develop an integrated proposal to the national government to construct and operate a disposal facility for low-level radioactive waste that is adapted to local conditions. The partnerships were formed among representatives of local organisations in affected communities and representatives of the Belgian national radioactive waste management agency. Insights are provided into a unique - and so far very successful - governance approach to dealing with interests, values and knowledge in managing risk.



Session 3: Building a Relationship to a Concrete Waste Management Project Based on Interests, Values and Knowledge

Nuclear Energy Agency

I am an artist and I am a professor, a teacher. I am not a scientist; I am not an architect, and if there are some mistakes with regard to some terms, words that I am going to use, please don’t hold it against me: you are the experts. My vision is a bit different from yours; this is why we are here today: we are here to meet together, because we are faced with a very interesting issue. So I will try and show some pictures to you. I’ll start with a question that is put to me here: “How can an issue like a...


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