Chemical Thermodynamics of Thorium, Volume 11

image of Chemical Thermodynamics of Thorium, Volume 11

This volume is the eleventh in the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) “Chemical Thermodynamics” series. It is based on a critical review of the thermodynamic properties of thorium, its solid compounds and aqueous complexes, initiated as part of the NEA Thermochemical Database Project Phase III (TDB III). The database system developed at the OECD/NEA Data Bank ensures consistency not only within the recommended data sets of thorium, but also amongst all the data sets published in the series. This volume will be of particular interest to scientists carrying out performance assessments of deep geological disposal sites for radioactive waste.


Appendix C

Assigned uncertainties

Nuclear Energy Agency

This Appendix describes the origin of the uncertainty estimates that are given in the TDB tables of selected data. The original text in [1992GRE/FUG] has been retained in [1995SIL/BID], [1999RAR/RAN] and [2001LEM/FUG], except for some minor changes. Because of the importance of the uncertainty estimates, the present review offers a more comprehensive description of the procedures used. 


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