World Migration Report 2018

image of World Migration Report 2018

This report is the ninth in the world migration report series which is designed as a substantive contribution to increasing the understanding of current and strategic migration issues throughout the world. It presents key data and information on migration as well as thematic chapters on highly topical migration issues. It is structured to focus on two key contributions for readers: Part I: key information on migration and migrants (including migration-related statistics); and Part II: balanced, evidence-based analysis of complex and emerging migration issues. The two parts are intended to provide both overview information that helps to explain migration patterns and processes globally and regionally, as well as insights and recommendations on major issues that policymakers are - or soon - will be grappling with.



Understanding migration journeys from migrants’ perspectives

Today, just as happens every day, many thousands of people throughout the world will be setting off on journeys in the hope of being able to forge safe and meaningful lives in a new country. Some will be carrying passports containing visas issued by the country to which they are heading, many having gone through visa application processes to secure the right to start a new phase of their lives in another country. These people will most likely be able to choose many aspects of this new phase: their new job or vocation; the city in which they intend to live; the mode of travel they will take; the timing and length of their journey; with whom they go; and how long they intend to stay. They should be considered the luckier ones, and more likely than not, they will be citizens of developed countries.


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