Journeys of Jeopardy

A Review of Research on Trafficking in Women and Children in Europe

image of Journeys of Jeopardy

This report by Professor Elizabeth Kelly assesses the current state of knowledge on the trafficking of women and children in Europe. It states that, despite growing interest and concern, information is still limited on the scale of trafficking, the methods it uses, and the most effective means to counter it. The report identifies a number of priorities for further research, including the structure of criminal groups and their methods, state compliance with relevant international laws, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of counter-trafficking initiatives.



Linking local and global knowledge

While much has been learnt during the last decade, and there is incontrovertible evidence of the existence of a significant trafficking problem affecting much of Europe, there are considerable gaps in our knowledge, which in turn means that policy is being developed in the absence of strong data. At almost every level, from the compilation of official statistics, to the detailed understanding of the organization of trafficking, its impacts on victims, and an evaluation of counter-trafficking initiatives, there is a need for thoughtful and rigorous data collection and analysis. It is not the intention of this piece to argue that actions cannot be taken in the absence of research, but rather that careful research enables action to better informed and connected to the local contexts.


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