Handbook on Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism

image of Handbook on Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism
Terrorism is a complex and ever-changing phenomenon. The handbook aims to provide law enforcement and criminal justice officials with an accessible guide to assist them in dealing with some of the key issues that they face in their efforts to respond to terrorist and related crimes. The publication will also be of use to policymakers and political leaders in the shaping of new or enhanced counter-terrorism laws, policies and practices. It reviews the many challenges encountered by the various components of the criminal justice system in the prevention, investigation, prosecution and detention of alleged or convicted perpetrators of terrorist crimes. It offers guidance based on international standards and generally accepted good practices.

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Key components of an effective criminal justice response to terrorism

An effective rule of law-based criminal justice response to terrorism involves more than the mere ratifi cation and implementation of the universal instruments against terrorism. In addition to the appropriate laws, policies and practices, criminal justice practitioners need ongoing capacity-building and specialized training to enable them to respond effectively to the increasingly complex nature of terrorist crimes.

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