Women in Business

Policies to Support Women's Entrepreneurship Development in the MENA Region

image of Women in Business

This publication provides an overview of approaches and measures in MENA-OECD Investment Programme economies to promote, support and advance women's entrepreneurship development in the Middle East and North Africa. It covers such issues as access to credit and business development services and information and information on data collection and research on women entrepreneurs in the MENA area.



Data collection and research on women entrepreneurs in MENA economies

This chapter offers a “state of play” account of data collection and research on women entrepreneurs in the MENA region. Overall, systematic data on the enterprise sector is lacking. The availability of gender-disaggregated data by the national statistical offices on a number of key enterprise indicators varies across the region. Such data are necessary to determine to what extent MENA governments are equipped to develop sound policies and programmes for women's enterprise development. In addition to the collection of data by national governments, survey-based studies by government and nongovernment actors could also provide insights on the characteristics and needs of women entrepreneurs.


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