Tourism Policy Review of Mexico

image of Tourism Policy Review of Mexico

The Mexico Tourism Policy Review provides an assessment of tourism-related policies, programmes and plans to support sustainable tourism development in Mexico. Policy recommendations focus on priority areas to help strengthen Mexico's tourism sector and take advantage of opportunities with strong potential for economic growth, investment and development, notably in the following areas: policy-making environment and governance arrangements; transport, mobility and connectivity for visitor travel; inclusive tourism growth, destination development and product and regional diversification; and investment and SME financing.

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Profile and performance of tourism in Mexico

Tourism is an important economic sector in Mexico and plays a key role in stimulating growth, generating export revenues and supporting jobs. The country is experiencing a boom in international tourism at the moment – 2015 was a record year for international arrivals and receipts, with growth outstripping many advanced and emerging tourism economies. Domestic tourism is also important. This chapter examines the performance and competitiveness of tourism in Mexico over the last decade, within the broader economic context. The major challenges and opportunities facing the Mexican tourism sector are discussed, and the importance of robust statistical information on tourism to better drive business and policy decision-making is highlighted.


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