Tourism Policy Review of Mexico

image of Tourism Policy Review of Mexico

The Mexico Tourism Policy Review provides an assessment of tourism-related policies, programmes and plans to support sustainable tourism development in Mexico. Policy recommendations focus on priority areas to help strengthen Mexico's tourism sector and take advantage of opportunities with strong potential for economic growth, investment and development, notably in the following areas: policy-making environment and governance arrangements; transport, mobility and connectivity for visitor travel; inclusive tourism growth, destination development and product and regional diversification; and investment and SME financing.

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Tourism plays a crucial role for Mexico's economy, and has performed strongly in recent years. Tourism accounts directly for 8.5% of GDP and generates higher than average value for the economy. It also provides employment for millions of Mexicans. While official data indicate that the sector directly supports 2.3 million jobs (5.8%), the real figure is significantly higher when informal jobs are taken into account. Growth in tourism has surpassed growth in many other advanced and emerging tourism economies in recent years, and has contributed to a healthy travel balance, helping to compensate for weaker oil revenues.


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