The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014

Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Europe

image of The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014

The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014 is the second edition in a series of annual reports that provide data and policy analysis on inclusive entrepreneurship, and on its barriers, by target social groups across the European Union. Inclusive entrepreneurship involves business start-ups and self-employment activities that contribute to economic growth and social inclusion - notably of youth, women, seniors, immigrants and the unemployed. In addition to inspiring policy practices, this issue contains special thematic chapters on entrepreneurship by ethnic minorities, pro-entrepreneurship welfare support systems and support for entrepreneurship from unemployment.

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United Kingdom: Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) programme

Description: The Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) programme ran from 2006 to March 2011. It aimed to release the economic and productivity potential of the most deprived local areas in England through entrepreneurship and investment and thus boosting local incomes and employment opportunities to build sustainable communities. The programme was based on national funding being provided to 20 deprived areas following a competitive tendering process. A local authority was eligible to apply for LEGI funding if it ranked among the 50 most deprived local authorities areas against the 2000 or 2004 Index of Multiple Deprivation indices. All bidders were required to provide an integrated support package and while the offerings varied widely, they often included a variety of support to enterprise and employment such as enterprise education, support with franchising opportunities, cluster and sector development, increased access to public procurement opportunities and attracting investment.

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