The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014

Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Europe

image of The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014

The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014 is the second edition in a series of annual reports that provide data and policy analysis on inclusive entrepreneurship, and on its barriers, by target social groups across the European Union. Inclusive entrepreneurship involves business start-ups and self-employment activities that contribute to economic growth and social inclusion - notably of youth, women, seniors, immigrants and the unemployed. In addition to inspiring policy practices, this issue contains special thematic chapters on entrepreneurship by ethnic minorities, pro-entrepreneurship welfare support systems and support for entrepreneurship from unemployment.

English Also available in: French, German


Executive summary

There is a common perception that the typical entrepreneur in the European Union (EU) is white, male, and wealthy. In reality, most entrepreneurs do not fit into this category but come from a wide range of backgrounds. Nevertheless, there are several social groups (e.g. women, youth, seniors, the unemployed and people with disabilities) that are under-represented in entrepreneurship or face greater barriers to starting businesses than people from the mainstream. With entrepreneurship making such a valuable contribution to economic growth and job creation, the EU cannot afford not to capitalise on the potential that people from under-represented and disadvantaged groups hold.

English Also available in: French, German

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