Thailand: Key Issues and Policies

image of Thailand: Key Issues and Policies

This book offers policy guidance to Thailand for fostering entrepreneurship and strengthening the performance of SMEs and their contribution to growth and development. It provides evidence-based analysis and policy recommendations on thematic issues such as access to finance for SMEs and entrepreneurs, SME participation in global markets, intellectual assets and innovation, high-growth SMEs and women’s entrepreneurship.


SME and Entrepreneurship Policy in Thailand

Future Policy Directions

This chapter presents a summary of the SME and entrepreneurship policy context and challenges in Thailand and the relative success of Thai policy makers in achieving their stated goals. Looking forward, recommendations are provided on ways to increase policy success, focused on implementing an evaluation-based portfolio approach to managing policy across government, better promoting the creation and development of innovative, growth-oriented and international SMEs, encouraging more productive entrepreneurship for regional and social development. It concludes with a series of possible initiatives that may be appraised in Thailand with the aim of identifying appropriate measures to respond to the challenges. Descriptions of learning model approaches from other countries that may provide inspiration in implementing recommendations are provided in the Annex.


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